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Summer Release​ – August 2024

The Love That
Heals Me

‘The Love That Heals Me’ is a heartfelt collection of affirmations and insights that guide readers on a journey to self-love and profound healing.

the love that heals me denise nichole
Tools Created to Use With

The Love That Heals Me

These tools were created to support you on your journey of healing along with The Love That Heals Me book.

Self-Love Journal


Gratitude Journal Sheets

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Self-Compassion Toolkit

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SLG Affirmation Card Deck

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my next book

I have already begun writing my second book. During my two years of deep healing, I poured my thoughts, love notes (to myself), realizations, emotions, letters to people who’ve brought me heartache and joy, and lots of self-compassion onto the pages. I invite you to be a part of this process, to embrace your own experiences, and to join me as we continue our healing journey. 

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